What Felicity wants for Christmas…

Dear Santa,

So i’m sat at home with a poorly little man fast asleep on the sofa, having to take time off work to look after him.  It brings it home just how hard juggling family life, a day job and my own business actually is at times like this.  Now while it isn’t easy for any parent to ‘take time off work’ when your child is sick, there is no denying that working from home certainly has it benefits.  There’s no one to have to tell that you ‘won’t be in today’, there’s no having to go in for an hour quickly to sort some urgent tasks or organising a workload than you can bring home to do in your absence.

Now i have to say my work are very understanding, and there is never any issue but I do have deadlines (advert design and website orders wait for no man or woman!) and these are not tasks that can be done at home, well the adverts designs at a push but i’d still have to go into work to access the images, logo etc i’d require, so it’s not a simple task.  I’d love nothing more than to be able to work from home full time, it would mean being able to fit my work around the kids, being able to be there for them when they needed me and having to answer to no-one apart from myself… oh and the tax man 😉 But it would also mean that if i did have days where they were poorly then i could still get on with my work easily, whilst still being there for them.


So this year for Christmas i’d really love nothing more than the opportunity to do what i love full time, get to spend more time with my kids in 2017 and show them what hard work and dedication can achieve. I’d love to collaborate with some awesome brands, but most of all send some positive light and love to someone out there who needs it right now.


Lots of love,


Fay (aged 41 11/12)


Feature Image courtesy of Tiny Jax