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About Me

I’m Felicity, otherwise known as Fay (my mum always wanted to call me Felicity, but was ‘over-ruled’).  However when you actually see the meaning of Fay (not of this planet), it was perfect, never been one to be ‘normal’.  I am a mum of 3 boys.  Henry (the geek), Fred (the jock) and Samuel (the bloody nutcase /devil child!).  And whilst they permanently drive me nuts, they are also the best thing to have ever happened to me.


I live in a beautiful village just outside York in the North East of England.  In our beautiful home that we built whilst I was pregnant with Samuel, and I’m still decorating.  I am originally from Scotland but moved to London in my early 20’s.  I met my husband in the early noughties through work, and within the year had moved to York.  The rest they say is history…


I am allergic to most antibiotics, was born with a hole in my heart and have suffered from clinical depression at least 3 times in my life (twice before the boys and the worst after the birth of Fred).  Wearing my heart on my sleeve, I constantly worry about what other people think of me/my kids/my parenting style after being bullied relentlessly through my junior years at school.  I champion mental health awareness, hence my decision to sell with Lobella Loves.  Read more about Jo Love and her awesome business here.


My absolute passion is kids interiors and styling, and I am slightly obsessed with my own boys rooms.  I would spend a fortune on my kids room, I really would.  However as each month comes I realise that actually to do everything I want, I need to do a lot of it myself.  I am a huge supporter of the high street as well as supporting independents and shopping small where I can.  I love to help bring some of the best products, best ideas and best small shops to all parents.

Fay x