How Felicity Finds it as Easy As 1 2 3?

So my first blog post on my new site! Lots has gone on since I opened back up my Etsy Shop and started producing my canvases full time again.  It’s been too long, but my littlest was too little for me to be able to give it my full attention and I didn’t want to miss out.

I haven’t been completely without painting, but until the end of last year I made sure it was for my family and friends.  My boys finally got their canvases they’d been promised.  I finally got to do the London Tube Map wall in their playroom and it was enjoyable taking my time!

At the end of last year i knew the time was right, that it was now or never and I needed to stop ‘playing’ and give my business the time and passion it deserved.  It’s been a roller-coaster, re-branding, building a new website (which as you can see is still in progress) and re-awakening my Etsy Store from it’s slumber.

new-logo-all colours-72dpi-C

Luckily my social media was kept alive by my continued personal projects and my incessant ramblings, so along with a very valued band of followers and also a good few groups on my side (Etsy ResolutionCraft Sellers Cafe, Business Visibility and Smart, Savvy and Switched On) giving invaluable advice and support, I’ve made good progress!

But is it as ‘easy as 1, 2, 3…’ Well not quite but it does help to break things down into manageable sections, especially when you have other distractions such as the ‘day job’ and/or little people!

So I initially broke down what my priorities were:

  1. My brand
  2. My Etsy Shop
  3. My website

I always felt I had a pretty good brand identity, but I wanted to freshen it up a little and actually wanted to really target my branding.  I’d always been a little wishy washy on who my target customer was, as didn’t have the confidence I suppose to be specific.  However with the help of others I really looked at this and narrowed down, allowing me to really identify with my target customer, even to the point of being able to choose a brand colour palette to work within.  Much as i thought it would be scary and limiting, I actually found it to be a very valuable and freeing exercise and has made an immeasurable difference in how i go about my social media posting and advertising; which having doubled my followers on Facebook in just over 3 months and gaining well on all other social media sites means I really am heading in the right direction.

Next was my Etsy Shop up until then it was just a little outlet to share my canvases.  I hadn’t filled out any policies, I knew not what Treasuries were, so there was a lot of work to do.  I updated everything, got all my policies in place, I worked on my tags, titles and descriptions with a little help from the Crafty Mentor, uploaded all my new branding; but all that showed was just how outdated my images were…

12495158_10153774802478563_9047770225504352510_n              12742138_10154049848483149_2066990952266201947_n

My first ever image  – 5 years ago            My latest image – this afternoon

I’m not saying i’m there but i’m certainly on the right track!  And all created from my boys bedroom…


And this created…                                 this funky web banner!   IMG_8063-small                    Homepage-banner-new

Yep I’m getting there with my images, so now i can move on to the website and get it back up and running again too, all with my new and improved brand identity.  I just wanna say thanks to you all for helping me on my journey, it’s an exciting time!

Now it’s time to set my next 1, 2, 3…

Fay x