How Felicity Finds Her Voice!

Since i started blogging i’ve always been a little hit and miss with my content, do i blog about what i do and how i do it, or do i blog about running a small business and being a mummy.  There are so many blogs out there, so what makes me different, why would you want to read my blog over someone else’s.  Truth is i have no idea…

So I have to just go with my gut and hope to god you find some value/interest/amusement in my blogs.  I’m gonna concentrate on my journey over the next year as i build my business back up,  I’m sure there are a lot of things some of you can relate to:

  • running a business from home
  • being a parentpreneur/mumpreneur/dadpreneur
  • juggling a day job with a small business and childcare

and some things maybe not so, but those i’ll go into as i blog.  Don’t want to scare you just yet, might scare you off 😉


This is something i’ve secretly always known but haven’t had the confidence to go for 100%.  I’ve always felt that i’m expected to have a ‘real’ job or that what i do isn’t much more than a hobby.  I’m not quite sure what happened at 40, but i suddenly thought, f**k it, i’m worth it, what i do is good enough and why shouldn’t i aim to do what i love for a living!

I had to give it a little time till my youngest was old enough not to be ‘on top of me’ while i crafted (although if you see my latest Instagram, you’ll see occasionally ‘stuff’ still happens LOL).  But since the end of last year i’ve started to view my business as just that, a business! Not a hobby, not something i like playing at, but a real bonafide business!  It’s not easy, especially as a lot of people around don’t quite understand/and or expect you to be an overnight success; but i do have some amazing support especially from my family, my friends and my boys.  Without whom really there would be no point.

I’ve worked really hard on my brand identity, developed my photography to fit my brand identity, built a whole new website and generally put myself out there, and this is where my issues start…



Does anyone else struggle to stand up and be counted?!

I was bullied badly at primary school and then again in the workplace so i’ve spent a lot of time saying what i think people want to hear, not what my gut is telling me.  I’ve wanted to blend in (despite my outgoing persona), so I think this quote says it all, it really does take courage and that’s what i was lacking massively.

But do you know what, i’m a grown women, i’m the mother to 3 boys, i work 4 days a week, keep a home and run a growing business from home; if i haven’t got the courage to stand up and speak for myself now then i never will!

So it is my goal for the here and now to really just speak from my gut, say how i feel, use my positivity and really help myself and others around me.  It’s even as simple as leaving a comment of a FB post with my honest opinion, rather than reading all the previous comments and making sure my views match with majority! Seriously i did that!!!! A lot!!!!!

I recognise the strength in everyone and i’m so determined about making sure i never make anyone feel the way i was made to, that they realise their worth; just a shame it’s not as easy to do with myself.  But i’m one thing, i’m bloody determined!!! So if i’m there for you when you need me, might you be there for me? #letsdoit #together

Fay x