How Felicity finds fitting it all in is not that easy!

So it’s 10:30 in the evening and i’m just getting to sit down and blog now, there are so many other things i need to do too, but i haven’t written for ages and actually that half the reason i am writing, where the hell does all the time go?


Image by Chick Writes Stuff (you need to read her blog, spooky and much funnier!)

So this is generally how my days go when i’m at the day job:

7-7:30    Wake Up

7:30-8:30  Get myself and the boys ready for work/school.  The two eldest can do it all themselves, they just need a lot of ‘motivation’ if you know what i mean!

8:30-8:45  Shout at the boys to get ready till I’ve developed a sore throat and my face is going a lovely shade of purple.

8:45-9:00  School Run

9:00-9:15  Grab breakfast & lunch and drive to work (so lazy, I do need to get the bike out, but i’m so crap on it it’s laughable.  I can’t even get my leg over -oh er!- as we still have the baby seat on it – used eh… never!- so i generally end up flat on my face or falling into the wall at work, trying not to let everyone see)

9:15-9:30   Arrive at work, eat breakfast and make a cup of HOT tea – woohoo

9:30-5:30   Proceed to sit at a computer for the next 8 hours, intermittently checking social media (when i say intermittently, i mean frequently #ssshhh don’t tell anyone).  I rarely take a lunch and if i do it’s only half an hour and i use it to do something at my desk – grocery shop, write to inland revenue, scour Etsy for loads of lovely things i want to buy).

5:30-7:30  Arrive home, have quick chat with mum a.k.a Granny Bling before she goes home to lie in a darkened room for the evening, then I proceed with a selection of the following:

Wash dishes, dry dishes, put dishes away, fill dishwasher, empty dishwasher, empty dryer, fold washing, empty washing machine, fill dryer, fill washing machine, fill baskets with clothes, take baskets upstairs, put ironing away, pick up toys, put out recycling, put out bins, discuss what boys want for tea for approx 10 mins,, make boys tea, realise after 2 hours that you haven’t had a drink since you got home, pick up school bags, school coats, try and tidy everyone’s shoes up in the hall, fail miserably, realise you’ve done enough not to feel guilty about sitting down and actually getting on with your real work!

It’s really up to you what you pick, but generally about half of this list i do daily and i still feel guilty when i sit down to paint or sew, is that normal, is that what other mumpreneurs/dadpreneurs do?

7:30-8:00  Put little man to bed (he’s at that stage where quite often he falls asleep very late afternoon so consequently bedtime is a little later and a struggle), persuade older two to get changed for bed and make sure everything is in order for the next day.

8:00-9:00  Sit down to paint and/or sew. Woohoo #happyplace oh and persuade the older two to go to bed with a good book, or just ‘a’ book, as long as they are reading…

9:00-9:30  Eat tea (which generally I’ve cooked for us), converse about our day.

9:30-12:00  Work on computer, generally split between updating m,y Etsy shop, writing my blog, trying to watch training webinars (made more difficult when a small person keeps nicking your headphones and ‘storing’ them for you – 3 sets and counting), designing fabric for soft furnishings collection, social media posts, updating my website and general networking.

Pretty easy day really LMAO. It’s not much different when i’m not at the day job.  Friday just means extra house stuff, food shopping, and occasional personal time – you know exciting stuff like dentist and optician, but it does mean an afternoon of peace and quiet to paint and sew, heaven!  Sat & Sun has a no housework rule (unless desperate), but it is replaced with tennis lessons, football matches and swimming lessons, so…


Image by Ms Tidy Owl

I feel like i am slowly beginning to lose the plot, I’ve let my organisation slip and it shows.  When you have as little time as I/we do trying to build a business alongside bringing up kids and/or a day job, then you need to be clever with your time, really clever and I have a few peeps who can help you do that:

  1. Devenia Desant – Be Visible, Be Social, Be You!  Devenia completely gets it, as a mother of 3 herself she knows what a hustle and juggle life is most of the time, and it’s her mission to ensure we all have the confidence to achieve our goals and just as importantly in ourselves.
  2. Nicola Lawrie – Ms Tidy Owl.  Nicola trains people on how to structure, measure and utilise their business information for profit and growth.  Her best tip ever to me was to time block and it’s worked so well for me (need to do again as my priorities have changed which is why my time has gone to pot) In fact pop over to her page for a free planner to help you take control of your week.
  3. Alex Tooby – Instagram Marketer (@menandcoffee, @instawithalex) What this lady doesn’t know about Insta probably isn’t worth knowing, so if you are looking to grow your account then you really want to sign up to Instagram Marketing Mastermind with Alex, it’s FREE and pretty darn awesome!
  4. Good friends – These guys are the ones you know you can turn to anytime, to cry, to rant, to laugh and generally just to support.  I have some amazing friends, some of whom i won’t mention as totally personal but also some who I have become friends with through my mumpreneur journey and who’s support means an awful lot to me; Ditsy Dot Shop, Carter and Us, Imagine Sew Beautiful, Sweet Little Tinkers, Holistic Health Surrey and Ip Dip Design, you guys rock!  Not only do you all have awesome blogs / businesses, but most of you have a young family/day job too and you still find time to support other small businesses and be a great friend to me and others, so i thank you!

So this week my plan is to sit down and re-organise my time, I need to download my planner from Ms tidy Owl, get myself more visable with Devenia and keep working on my Instagram account as I’m loving Insta at the moment.  I’m gonna catch up with my friends and see what they are all up to, I really think you guys should do the same!


Let me know what your biggest struggle is and lets see if we can’t work it out together,

Fay x