princess palace bed

My Top 10 Beds for kids

You know me, I love to champion kids rooms, I really don’t want them forgotten about.  We spend so much time on decorating our social spaces and bedrooms tend to get left behind.  When my eldest two were born, kids rooms used to be all about the coordinating bedding, wallpaper borders and possibly curtains if you were lucky; that’s essentially how Henry, Fred and Felicity started as I wanted more for my boys rooms…

10 years on and a lot has changed, not least the decor, soft furnishings and bedding that can be bought for a child’s room.  The variety and choice is just fantastic, and for as little as you want, or as much as you want, you can now create a room your kids will love and can’t wait to show off to their friends!

I know there is the argument that a bedroom should be a restful place, purely for sleep; however nowadays more often than not bedrooms double up as playrooms, while space is premium; and even if not, calming and restful does not mean boring and bland.  So the key is to design a magical space that is not only there to aid sleep but also creates an environment that encourages play and development.  Beds are a vital part of the room obviously, but that doesn’t mean we should just ‘buy a bed’ and design a room around it.  Such an expensive purchase to me means that some real thought should go into it and how it will develop with your child, look in the room, as well as work as a place to sleep.  Here are my top 10 choices…


I adore these Noah pods from Clair De Lune, I really wish they had been about when my boys were little as would have loved one.  For me now though they are bang on trend, perfect for the natural, greenery look that is so cool right now.  Imagine Botanical wallpaper (Lisa Dawson Styling had some fab examples in her blog last week), Macrame wall hangings (Dhavi Designs are lush), neutral tones and bringing the outdoors in to your little ones room.



The simplicity of this Flexa Play Cot from Diddle Tinkers is beautiful.  Available in 4 colours, the white and grey are my favourite.  Perfect if you are a fan of the minimalist scandi style, imagine monochrome, washed floorboards, and lots of natural light.

3. Camper Van Bed

purple white camper van bed

Imagine the adventures your little one (and their friends) can get up to in this bed! Handmade to order by and painted at your request, there are other beds to choose from including army tanks and a London bus; but this is my particular favourite, especially for a beach loving surfer dude…

4. Princess Palace Bed

princess palace bed

Now when I was young I would have killed for a bed like this!  Perfect for your little princesses and/or Frozen fans.  However i’m thinking Harry Potter, you could have a field day with this and I know plenty of peeps who would love.  Go check out Dreamcraft Furniture for more details and also some of their other amazing beds.

5. KURA Reversible Bed

kura reversible bed

I wish I’d seen this when I decorated Samuel’s room as I’d have bought and painted the pine black to match his room.  This Ikea bed is not only very reasonable, but also very versatile too, once constructed you can choose to have as a low bed (as shown) or simply turn upside down to create a high bed.  Perfect for whatever stage your little one is at.

6. STUVA Loft Bed

I love this STUVA loft bed from Ikea, so fantastic for a smaller room, tight on space.  Henry is desperate for it, but so not part of his Anime/Japanese theme room; however I haven’t broken it to him that his brother may well get… #ssshhhh So many combinations to make the perfect space for an older child!

7. Pirate Ship Bed

For every pirate loving kid out there, this is like the Little Tykes Pirate Bed on steroids, imagine the years of joy this would bring any child.  This Pirate Ship bed comes with built in features that you would expect to see on any great vessel of the sea such as the custom built sail, trap door, anchor, skull and crossbones, boat wheel with play area and a wooden grain style finish. This bed is full of realistic features and hand painted areas that gives this bed a beautiful genuine pirate ship feel.

8. Treehouse Bunk Bed

As seen used by many a celebrity, this fantastic Treehouse bed is suitable for toddlers who have outgrown their cot or junior bed, and are ready for something special. The Treehouse bed from Mathy by Bols is part of a collection of treehouse beds, some being double bunk beds, and others being single raised beds.

The only issue I can see if you choose bunk beds is who gets to sleep on top!

9. Tent Bed

Continuing with award winning designer Mathy By Bols, comes the Tent Bed.  The Mathy By Bols Tent bed was a best seller through 2016, and is a great idea for a bedroom or playroom.  Create all sorts of adventures under the night sky (albeit one created indoors) with this fabulous bed; i’m thinking Navy walls and ceiling, glow in the dark stars, a feature wall with landscape, you get my drift…

10. Plane Toddler Bed

Last but by no means least is the Argos toddler Plane Bed.  For less than £200 Argos do an amazing range of wooden toddler beds, including a fire truck, doll house and dinosaur.  But this Plane bed really caught my eye.  In a beautiful dusky blue, with a secret storage compartment and a working propeller this would look great in any boy or girls first ‘big kid’ room.  But in my opinion, stay away from the matching furniture!

It really is up to you, but I think every child deserves a special room and I hope the above has inspired you for your own children’s bedrooms and just what can be the start of something special.

If you have already designed/styled your childs rooms then i’d love to see so please feel free to tag me on any IG posts with #howfelicityfinds or share on my Facebook page with the same hashtag.


Fay x


How felicity finds 3 craws sat upon a wa'

3 craws sat upon a wa’, sat upon a wa’, sat upon a wa’, on a cold and frosty morning!  A traditional scots song that suddenly came to mind (my mum used to sing to me) when I began to write this post on wall hangings!

Wall hangings are such a massive trend right now, and initially when we think of wall hangings I think we either think of baby mobiles, bunting etc. or very stylish adult wall hangings, but actually there are so many choices nowadays that are created specifically for kids or that can actually cross all boundaries of age, so I thought I’d share my Top 3 wall hangings for kids rooms, all from independent businesses found on Instagram x

Macrame wall hangings are bang on trend and super stylish (might just have bought myself one! #oops), they look super cool in a girls room or babies nursery, and are the perfect colour to sit with this seasons interior trends of muted pink, blue & dark grey tones; and imagine just how beautiful they would look in a nature inspired kids room, greens and foliage are another huge trend this year.

These handcrafted designs are from Dhavi Designs.  Jo is based in Innsbruck, Austria; although has travelled the world extensively and loves being close to nature where ever she is.  Her designs reflect this perfectly, each piece is made to order and will differ slightly due to the nature of the driftwood used and crafting by hand.

Felt Balls Garlands & Dreamcatchers are a fun and quick way to liven up any wall or shelf area. The great thing about them is you can hang them using your favourite Washi Tape or invisible hooks and re-arrange as much or as little as you want!

There are quite a few independents out there making garlands and more, but my favourite by far has to be The Bear & The Bird (so much so I now Rep for them, as absolutely love how their products sit with mine for product shots).  Choose from a myriad of colours, including glitter too; mini garlands, monster garlands (my favourite!), large and small dreamcatchers, custom plaques and so much more.  Going to their shop is kinda like visiting a sweetie shop, so much to choose from and you want it all! Can’t see exactly what you want, then Mel & Lisa will be only too happy to help…

Sometimes we just need something a little different to complete a wall.  Where it’s calling out for something totally unique, to fill a space that will take the room from beautiful to magical!

When I first discovered these Fiona Walker animal heads I was blown away.  I’d seen the 3D card/wood effects heads which I love, but for a children’s room I think these are just amazing.  They totally transport me back to my childhood, skipping round the house on my hobbyhorse, lost in a world of adventure. Diddle Tinkers have an enviable range available, these pastel version are my particular favourite!  Diddle Tinkers purpose is simple; to mix style, design, luxury and play for modern families, and transform toddler bedrooms and newborn nurseries, these animal heads certainly do that.

So there we have it! Took a little longer than planned to get this blog to you, but I hope you like it and find some inspiration to introduce wall hangings into your little ones rooms.

My best advice, mix it up! Add the traditional wall decor of shelving, mirrors, prints, canvases etc. but then add some truly unique and fun pieces like above to really set off your child’s room from others.  Most of all HAVE FUN and ENJOY, because guaranteed your child will love it then too.

Fay x

How Felicity finds her first 'Big boy' room

So I suddenly realised that I never did do a post on Samuel's finished room... Now i'm not sure if you guys are like me and it never will be totally finished but it's pretty much there, and i wanted to share with you.


His feature wall was just so much fun to do, and we all love having a good rearrange to freshen it up or if something new arrives that we want to add.  Pretty much everything here (bar the shelves and storage unit - Ikea) were bought small from shops found on IG,


I had originally wanted a blackboard wall, but hubby was dead against as black is the hardest colour to get rid of, and I knew we'd want to change it at some point, so instead the bed wall lent itself perfectly to the amazing Superhero mask decals from V & C Designs, and then I had a large blackboard that we had in our kitchen previously, which sat perfectly under his bed.


Although I have to say I may be tempted to save up and replace the blackboard with this little beauty from super cool online retailer Diddle Tinkers...

monochrome letter number tower

How fab is that letter/number tower, and always good when they are educational too!

His chest of drawers was v basic and so i wanted to make it a little more stylish, i found these handles in B&Q for something ridiculous like 33p each or something ridiculous like that, but what a difference!


The Swab Design pegs are amazing, I really wanted to find something totally different for a hanging solution in Samuel's room, with these we can hang his housecoat, his ipad, his blanket, pretty much whatever he fancies that night before going to bed to make sure it's there for him in the morning!

giant paperclip unique wall hook

The last wall in the room is where his TV will go when he is a big bit older (he has a DVD player for now - but that needs to go soon too!) However when we built the house we put all the points in so there was no wires or building works in the future, the problem being for now it leaves lots of jack points, sockets etc. in the middle of the wall, so what do you do? Deep edge canvases are the perfect solution (one of the main reasons i started using them) as they fit right over them, so not only do you cover them up, but you have an great piece of artwork to boot!


The only thing big left to do is to make him some custom curtains and bedding, which is a brand new project for Henry, Fred and Felicity...  Samuel adores it and i love that the first thing he does when someone visits the house is to take them to his room to show them.  That why I do what I do, and I want to show that all kids can have rooms they love, that don't have to cost the earth (unless you want them too!).

What do you think guys, you like?

Fay x


Where did i get?

Feather & Bird - Various

V & C Designs - Wall Decals

Pintoys - Fire Engine (hand me down from brothers), Safari Set (donated by big cousin)

Swab Design - Giant Paperclip

Ikea - Various

Imagine Sew Beautiful - Personalised embroidered cushion

Aldi - Relax cushion

Bulb London - Bulb plushie

Be Unique Kids - Toy guitar

Happy little Folks - Wooden Camera & TV

Jones & Parker Toys - Wooden Tractor

Tiny Jax - Raven & Snow, Tiny Hands, Splatter House

Kids Boetiek - Wooden Retro TV Set

Rainbo & Bear - All our awesome prints!

Monty & Moosh - Various

Ciao Bambino - Mono Rainbow

Sweet Little Tinkers - Batman plaque and Samuel name wedge

A Little Lovely Company - Light Box

Little Cloud Company/Mono Me - Captain Cloud

Mono Me - Personalised Samuel Peg Doll

Mom Made it - Crayon Initial Frame

Kats Handmade Items - Mono Amugurumi Unicorn

Crazy Little Crafts - Multi Cloud mobile

The Bear & The Bird - Mono garland and star mobile

B & Q - Various

Jelly Cat - Mono Cat - otherwise known as 'Baby'

Osotwee - Mono Heart Print

Feral Hearts Kidswear - Cloud/Star mobile






What to do with an Anime Room

Okay so I must admit when Hen told me he wanted an Anime themed room I was v excited, to the point where i kinda lost it a little and just went Anime mad... However reality then set in when I began to think of furniture, fixtures and general colour scheme etc.  Also Hen is 11 (12 this year) and much as this is a huge part of his life now, who's to say that it still will be in 2, 3, 4 years time, but I am certainly not redecorating within that time frame!

So I needed to get serious and stop drawing Anime (as fun as it was); i decided that the room needed a feel of Japan, a feel of Anime, but without being overly themed - although Anime will definitely feature...

This is the main wall in Hen's room.


And here is my vision for afterwards


So out goes the old divan bed and in comes wood framed double bed.  Either side will be box shelving, with simple bedside tables either side.  I'm undecided but think i may also add a line of shelving across the top of the bed, between either side shelving units, we'll see.

So this is our spare bed and it will soon be Henry's!  I will be painting the wood effect, along with some very simple bedside tables (actually stools i think) in a dark grey. To match these shelves from Ikea that i think will be perfect...

£130 from Ikea

A few more bits i like the style of...

Varv Clamp Spotlight £29

This is the colour palette we'll be going with and love this inspiration from Pinterest. How cool is that chair!

I love the traditional style of this mixed with totally up to date theme, A fantastic idea for a kids room i think and will defo be sourcing something similar!  To see more please jump over to pinterest and follow Henry's board as it develops over the next few months.

I've a few other ideas that may become part of a new collection so will see how that unfolds, but for now this is where we are at, hope you like and any shops you think i may like then please let me know as you know how much i love to source small and independent!

Fay x



Toy Storage Sack

3 ways with storage sacks...

One of the hottest trends around at the minute for storage is the Toy Storage Sack; not only do they look pretty damn cool and can be personalised / printed / hand-painted with pretty much anything you can think of; and they are certainly not just for the realms of kids anymore...

But with me, it's all about the kids, so here are my 3 best uses for toy storage at the moment.

  1. The obvious - Toys/Dress up

Toy Storage Sack

So handy for tidying everything away at night, and simple to transport from room to room if necessary.  Easy to empty, and just as easy to fill again, even for little ones hands!

2. The not so obvious - Laundry

Copper Heart Storage Sack

Maybe not your first thought but sometimes space is limited in a bathroom, especially when it's an en-suite; so bulky laundry baskets aren't always feesible.  When i added the Limited Edition Copper versions i knew one would look great in our eldest's en-suite., which had exactly that problem.  It's sits perfectly in the corner, and tones in beautifully with the natural wood and sand tiles.

3. The personal - Presents Sack

Personalised Present Gift Bag

These were incredibly popular at Christmas for under the tree! Choose from Hearts, Stars or Comic Book, all can be personalised with a name or initial.  Making them perfect for storing gifts not only at Christmas, but also for Birthdays (use a number instead of an initial?!), Valentines etc.  The possibilities are endless, and at the end of it you either have a great storage bag to use, or it can be folded flat till the next time!

Storage Sacks really are a great trend, and long may it continue, as i know i'd be lost without ours now LOL.  No more boring storage for us, it's fun and style all the way...

Do you have an unusual uses for your sacks? What do you use yours for? I'd love to hear!

Fay x


Oh and here's a few more for the adults...

The unique - Planter

Storage Sack used as planter


I love this idea from We Are Scout, go check out their blog for even more ideas!



The unusual - Log Sack

Log Storage Bag for Fireplace


Perfect for keeping a stash of logs if baskets aren't your thing!



The DIY project - Storage Bags made from old jeans!

DIY Storage Bags


Create your own mini storage sacks to store all manner of goodies, with this DIY Project over at Style At Home.

A light at the end of the tunnel!

Sick of not being able to pictures for the past few months due to 'day job' working hours and lack of decent lighting, I've gone all out and spent a small fortune (£30!) on some new lighting and set up a mini studio in the attic!  Like a lot of small businesses out there i work a day job too, and the time i have to take images, especially at this time of year is really limited; so i decided to do something about it...


This area in my attic was always a bit of a dead space (bed put in when we had all the family come to stay) and the bed is used maybe once a year, so I simply moved it over into the playroom area of the attic (boys not overly happy as little crushed on their side now, so it may be moved yet) and cleared this area for me to use.

blank canvas

Now i need to set up some 'flooring' with a board covered in wall paper as carpet floor tiles aren't the best look, but for now the difference is brilliant! To know i can just nip up stairs and take photos when i need to rather than have to wait for the right light or a day when i'm not in the office is great.


Gonna play about with the lighting to see what different effects i can achieve but i'm really pleased with it so far; I would highly recommend it folks, i really would!  Just see the before and after...



Fay x



Felicity is turning Japanese

So Samuel's room is pretty much done, few bits to add which i will of course share with you as they develop, but the next big project is Henry's room...

Now we swapped Henry & Samuel's rooms when we redecorated, so it was lovely with Samuel's as we started from a blank canvas, no furniture, nothing.  The problem with Henry's room is he has lovely newly painted, blank walls but unfortunately he has remnants of furniture from everywhere... A divan bed (never cool for a kid if we are honest), a desk that was mine, a chest of drawers that was his fathers and then the junior robe that is too heavy to move until we get some men in LOL.

kids-bedroom-before-picture  blank wall

Anyway the plan is...  bah bada bah (imagine trumpets at that point) MANGA!!!!!!


OMG How much do you love Manga, or is it just me?! I've always had an absolute fascination with Manga art and all things Japanese - is a trip to Tokyo too much for inspiration? - and would love to be able to draw, so for the next 6 months (at least) i will be working hard to create a Manga inspired bedroom for Henry.  What i really need is a drawing tablet so that i can then also transfer any of my hand drawn images to print as would love to be able to create soft furnishings to match.


Watch this space!

Fay x



What Felicity wants for Christmas...

Dear Santa,

So i'm sat at home with a poorly little man fast asleep on the sofa, having to take time off work to look after him.  It brings it home just how hard juggling family life, a day job and my own business actually is at times like this.  Now while it isn't easy for any parent to 'take time off work' when your child is sick, there is no denying that working from home certainly has it benefits.  There's no one to have to tell that you 'won't be in today', there's no having to go in for an hour quickly to sort some urgent tasks or organising a workload than you can bring home to do in your absence.

Now i have to say my work are very understanding, and there is never any issue but I do have deadlines (advert design and website orders wait for no man or woman!) and these are not tasks that can be done at home, well the adverts designs at a push but i'd still have to go into work to access the images, logo etc i'd require, so it's not a simple task.  I'd love nothing more than to be able to work from home full time, it would mean being able to fit my work around the kids, being able to be there for them when they needed me and having to answer to no-one apart from myself... oh and the tax man ;-) But it would also mean that if i did have days where they were poorly then i could still get on with my work easily, whilst still being there for them.


So this year for Christmas i'd really love nothing more than the opportunity to do what i love full time, get to spend more time with my kids in 2017 and show them what hard work and dedication can achieve. I'd love to collaborate with some awesome brands, but most of all send some positive light and love to someone out there who needs it right now.


Lots of love,


Fay (aged 41 11/12)


Feature Image courtesy of Tiny Jax