I’m passionate about kids decor & styling; so as well as blogging on the latest trends and ideas for cool kids bedrooms & playrooms, I wanted to introduce my very own range of products that was both stylish and fun.

I create unique and on trend home-wares celebrating babies & kids decor, made for kids to love and parents to indulge.


From handpainted canvases and toy storage bags, to super soft fleece blankets and soft furnishings.

S/S17 – Bedding collection, Coming Soon!

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Named after my two eldest boys and the name my mother had always wanted to call me, Henry, Fred & Felicity was born way back when the boys were little and I was looking for a way to decorate and personalise their room, but I wasn't satisfied going down the co-ordinating bedding, curtains and wallpaper route. So I began making my own bespoke canvases, personalised to the theme of their choice. What started simply as hand painted canvases has over time evolved into a thriving small business, allowing me to do what I love on a daily basis. And from what started as bespoke hand painted canvases has now evolved into several collections of modern home décor, including artwork, storage and soft furnishings.

I bring exclusive styles, designed by myself; handmade in York, UK. All fabrics used for soft furnishings are 100% Cotton and are printed exclusively in Europe & the UK. I work with two distinct colour palettes of bright pastels or monochrome, pick your favourite or mix and match to create truly unique décor for your kids!